Rundown for Episode 89

Pre-show commentary: Comedian Bobby Lee says he’s been getting complaints that he talks too much on the podcast. Whore transporter Bill Poon might have pink eye. Bobby Lee talks about paying for a girl’s abortion (the fetus was 6 weeks old) but says he doesn’t want to talk about it on the air; however. they are on the air. 

Welcome friends, welcome lovers: There’s a house full of guests standing by as music man Money Mark and DVDASA co-host David Choe jam a funky version of the intro on keys and drums. 
Role call: Steven Lee, soon-to-be married Bobby Trivia, Bobby Lee (the funniest Asian comedian in the world), Poon, body guard/artist Critter Fleming, good-guy Valentin (sporting a new haircut), artist Esao Andrews and super surprise guest James Jean via Skype.
Complaint department: Bobby Lee says fans think he talks too much (he does, but that’s not a bad thing) and that his girlfriend is too hot for him. DVDASA co-host Asa Akira says he’s a celebrity so it doesn’t matter. She says rappers don’t upgrade their women. They stick with their high-school sweetheart and then fuck other chicks on the side. 
Offensive comments: Asa says it would suck to be an autistic person who isn’t an idiot savant. Choe says that kind of person is, basically, a retard. Stupid, shitty things to say on both of their part. Ironically, soon after, Dave brings up assistant Yen Le’s need to go through sensitivity training for saying “nigger” in front of Kevin, their first black guest. Yen reveals that he  said it again after a hockey game, in front of a different black guy.
Sibling rivalry: Fledgling comedian Steve doesn’t watch his brother’s movies. He says he wants to watch them but hasn’t got around to seeing most of them. Choe says Steve should support his brother. Bobby Lee wonders if it’s competitiveness. Steve says he’s just not interested in the movies that Bobby Lee is in. Choe says he knows his Dad doesn’t really like or understand his art, but he loves that he’ll come to support his shows. James Jean, the second best artist in the world, says he tries his best to support the music of his brother, Jerry Jean, and Jerry in turn has James’ art on his walls. Choe says his brothers support his art. Bobby Lee says he attended all of Steve’s wrestling matches, but Steve says he doesn’t really care that Bobby was there. Steve says he also doesn’t want Bobby around when he does comedy.
Skinny on Yacuzzi: Val has 12 brother and sisters in Mexico. None of them listen to the show and he doesn’t care what any of them are doing. He doesn’t know where they live and doesn’t know their names. He had an all-night party on New Year’s Eve that might have involved sex. Val was once part of Bobby Triv’s family business — whatever that is.
Catching up with Esao: Moving from NYC to L.A. has been amazing for him. He’s living in Echo Park with Soybean, a Boston terrier. Dave says Esao has a horrible personality but he’s one of the best painters ever. Dave says Esao should be in every museum and on top of the art universe. Asa says Esao’s stuff his creepy; she loves it. His girlfriend makes lingerie called ClareBare and sells it on Etsy.

Artsy fartsy: Critter’s having an art show with Dave’s Mom on March 8 at Upper Playground in San Francisco. David Chang is going to hang some of her paintings in his new restaurant. Dave wants to do a group show of DVDASA fan art. 
This and that: Bobby Lee talks again about using a vibrator to masturbate, but he says his girlfriend feels better. Asa wants to be in the Lee family. Palm Springs truck stop nachos are the best. Cattle auction comedy doesn’t go over well. Get Bobby Lee into the red zone and everyone dies. Bobby Lee took selfies of himself crying and then created a collage out of the pictures. And then he listened to OK Computer. Asa says New Yorkers are all depressed. Dave says real artists work in oil paint. Fake, shitty artists use acrylic. Dave says wedding food always tastes like shit, but the pussy is always good at weddings. James Jean stopped following the DVDASA Instagram feed because he thinks the fan art is too shitty. Dave says the DVDASA crew loves the fan art, though, so keep it coming. The darkness, like The Dark Dick, will rise to the top. Asa says her butthole blanket doesn’t fade after washing and is totally worth the $300. Buy it at Yoshi’s dark humor kills in Sweden.
Bobby Trivia: 1. What feels better? 2. Bobby is a Jedi; what is Steve? 3. What was in the ’90s?
1. The girlfriend
2. Practicing
3. Steve waited tables at the Tempe Improv
Steve smells the lobe.